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What is SPC Flooring

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What is SPC Flooring

 SPC flooring stands for stone plastic composite.And our SPC floor is designed to exceed. The main 

component is lime stone (calcium carbonate)+PVC powder+stabilizer.Different from regular vinyl floor there is no any plasticizer inside, so it is much more environmentally and friendly. SPC flooring is mainly  structured with the UV coating , the wear layer , the decorative color  film and core board(SPC core). 

     SPC flooring can provide a board range of natural designs, form realistic wood grains to elegant stones and rustic slates-choose the one that suit your home and your lifestyle.

products advantages

Structure of SPC flooring 

  • UV layer

UV layer has high content of nanosized ceramic particles, which improve the surface hardness and scratch resistance.

  • Wear layer

Thick transparent wear layer protect the image layer to been scratched.The thicker the wear layer is the better protection it offer.

  • Color films

Using advanced printing technology to print high resolution colorful patterns with different styles.The top grade pigment with great fastness makes the color long lasting.

  • SPC core

Spc core has high content of mineral composion. It reduces the thermal expansion,make the size more  stable, which offers better adhesion to the color films.It is more soft and comfortable

  •  Foam 

Foam is soft virgin PVC material. It is a good sound suppressant, also helps to smooth out minor sub-floor imperfections while adding comfort and warmth to the floor. 

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