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11 Different Points between SPC floor and WPC floor

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With the diversification of home design, rigid floor has become the choice of most people. Rigid floor has super high cost performance and the diversity of colors for different designs. There are two types of rigid floor: SPC floor and WPC floor. What are their advantages and disadvantages, and if you choose between them

Structural similarities between SPC floor and WPC floors

SPC floor and WPC floor are similar to vinyl flooring, except for the components related to the core layer that constitutes them. For SPC flooring, the core layer is composed of natural limestone powder, polyvinyl chloride and stabilizer. For WPC flooring, the core is made of recycled wood pulp and plastic components.

They all have waterproof substrates and, most importantly, the same layer composition. Let's start from the first floor to the last floor:

spc结构图  wpc结构图

Wear resistant layer: thin and transparent

Vinyl base: printed with floor and color model

Bottom Core: it is the layer that makes the floor waterproof

Main differences between SPC and WPC flooring

In addition to the materials used to create the two types of flooring, the main differences between the two are:

Thickness: 5.5-8mm for WPC floor and 3.2-7mm for SPC floor

Tactility: WPC flooring has a slight advantage in this field because it is thicker and more stable and sexy when walking on it. In this case, the thickness also helps to provide better insulation

Sound insulation: the thicker thickness makes WPC floor more suitable for those who like quiet, but we can also say that SPC floor has strong sound absorption resistance, so you can choose it to replace WPC

Durability: the thickness of SPC floor is less than that of WPC floor, but it is more durable in terms of damage and heavy load

Stability: both can be installed in any environment with high humidity and temperature, but SPC flooring often provides higher performance

Price: SPC floor is cheaper than WPC floor

Same advantages of SPC and WPC flooring:

However, in these analogies, we find that SPC and WPC floors have the same advantages as follows:

Both WPC core and SPC core are completely waterproof. Avoid deformation when wet

Durability: they are very scratch and stain resistant and are very suitable because they are not easy to wear even in the busiest areas of the house

Style: both SPC and WPC contain multiple options. Colors, patterns and printed drawings are all on vinyl. They are floors that make tiles, stones and wood realistic

Easy to install: it can be laid even without the help of professionals. They can be installed on pre-existing floors or floors

WPC's price is gold grade. WPC's price of 5.5mm is basically the same price level as vinyl's 5.0mm latch and glue free products, but higher than magic buckle, and far higher than water washing glue and ordinary PVC floor (glue brushing type)

The installation cost of WPC is far lower than that of ordinary rubber coated PVC floor, lower than that of ordinary PVC latch floor, and there is little difference between the installation cost of glue free PVC floor, magic buckle and water washing rubber PVC floor;

WPC's waterproof property is quite good, and the waterproof property of wood plastic layer is also very stable. On the contrary, the waterproof effect of magic buckle, water washing glue and ordinary rubber brushing PVC floor is general because it involves glue;

The installation convenience of WPC is relatively convenient due to the angle tap installation method, which is suitable for DIY. Of course, dry back, which needs to be paid separately, is the worst at this point.

WPC floor is certainly good in terms of mute and foot feeling, especially WPC floor with cork or EVA pad;

WPC is also very good in environmental protection, including formaldehyde emission, heavy metals, especially reach test. All 144 items passed.

WPC flooring is a weak point in terms of recyclability after use, because WPC (woodplastic) can not be recycled and reused. PVC flooring of other products can be reused as recycled material


SPC floor is a new type of environment-friendly composite material product. Its advantages are as follows:

(1) Waterproof and moisture-proof. The utility model fundamentally solves the problem that wood products are easy to rot, expand and deform after absorbing water in humid and watery environment, and can be used in the environment where traditional wood products cannot be used;

(2) Prevent insects and termites, effectively eliminate insect harassment and prolong service life;

(3) Colorful, many colors to choose from. It not only has natural wood feeling and wood texture, but also can customize the required colors according to their own personality;

(4) Strong plasticity, can easily realize personalized modeling and fully reflect personalized style;

(5) High environmental protection, pollution-free, pollution-free and recyclable. The product does not contain benzene and formaldehyde. It is an environmental protection product and can be recycled, which greatly saves the use of wood. It is suitable for the national policy of sustainable development and benefits the society;

(6) High fire resistance. It can be effectively flame retardant, and the fire rating reaches grade B1. It will extinguish itself in case of fire without producing any toxic gas;

(7) Good machinability, can be ordered, planed, sawn, drilled, and the surface can be painted;

(8) Simple installation, convenient construction, no complicated construction technology, saving installation time and cost;

(9) No crack, no expansion, no deformation, no need for repair and maintenance, easy to clean and save later repair and maintenance costs;

(10) Good sound absorption effect and energy saving, so that the indoor energy saving is up to more than 30%;

(11) Compared with lvt floor and wpc floor, SPC floor has less investment cost, quick effect, less labor, low labor intensity and clean environment.

eco friendly

Finally, it is concluded that WPC floor is formed by foaming. Foaming agent and other components need to be added to the raw materials. However, this foaming is difficult to accurately control, so the stability of the floor is not always very good. SPC floor is extruded and calendered into sheet plate by extruder, and then pasted with color film and wear-resistant layer on the surface. If it is an AB or ABA structure SPC composite floor, the SPC base material shall be extruded first, and the LVT layer shall be pressed and pasted in the way of blank composition, which has higher stability and durability.


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