Mgo Flooring Structure 
Mgo Flooring Click 
   Mgo Flooring Surface  
Mineral Core flooring T&G size(wood)                1208mm(L)*191mm(W)*8.2mm(T)
Mineral Core flooring T&G size(stone)     
Mineral Core flooring Click size(wood&stone) 1200mm(L)*187mm(W)*8.2mm(T)
Applicatinon                                 Residential and commercial and public
Wearing resistance                      AC4-AC5
Formaldehyde                               ND
Fire-Resistance                            Class A(ASTM E84)
Thickness Swell                              ≤3%(soaked in the water more than 24h)
Bending strength                         ≥20Mpa
Elasticity Modululus                    ≥3500Mpa
Surface/Internal Bonding strength                     ≥1.2Mpa
Thermal Conductivity                  0.198w/(m·k)
    Showroom  
  Mgo Flooring Insallation Precautions  

Precautions for Mgo Flooring floor installation

  • 1: Handle with care during transportation to avoid damaging the floors click. Please place it flat on the flat ground and not upright or sideways.
  • 2: The ground shall be flat and clean, and the height difference shall not exceed plus or minus 1mm. It is recommended to make ground leveling or self leveling first.
  • 3: Leave 8mm-10mm expansion joints around when installing the floor,
  • 4: If the area exceeds 300 square meters and the length or width exceeds 15 meters, it is necessary to partition the floor and add expansion joints.
  • 5: 1mm-1.5mm floor film or mute pad can be selected under the floor and materials such as floor mat treasure cannot be used.
  • 6: During the installation process, the latch can be buckled in place gently. Do not knock the click with tools or heavy objects to avoid over tight installation of the floor and damage to the click.
  • 7: After installation, pay attention to protect the flooring and daily maintenance.

Precautions for daily use of Mgo flooring

  • 1: Prevent sharp objects from scratching the surface of the floor, which is easy to leave ugly and difficult to eliminate scratches, affecting the overall beauty of the floor.
  • 2: Avoid direct sunlight or exposure for a long time to prevent the floor surface from fading or bulging.
  • 3: Do not place objects with a temperature of more than 60 ℃ on the floor for a long time.
  • 4: The floor has waterproof function, and it can be cleaned only by dragging and washing with clean water.
  • 5: The floor does not need waxing and maintenance.
  Application field  
The floor surface is treated with special antibacterial and antifouling treatment which can inhibit the vast majority of bacteria. The choice of home decoration materials is very important. Choosing a good home decoration can bring comfort and convenience to the family and also avoid the invasion of bacteria and harmful gases to improve the health of life.

Mgo flooring is a very safe floor because it does not use solvents or harmful adhesives nor does it use any substances that may release harmful volatile compounds into the air。it is a 100% formaldehyde-free environmentally friendly floor and It is a little formaldehyde floor. in the popular sense, the floor is installed and lived after installation。

Since the Mgo flooring is composed of wear-resistant layer, mineral rock powder and polymer powder, it is naturally not afraid of water and there is no need to worry about the deformation and mildew of the floor at home caused by blisters. The waterproof and mildew-proof effect is very good, so it can be used in the bathroom, kitchen and balcony.

Mgo lock flooring is mainly suitable for all kinds of commercial and residential buildings like office, shopping mall, hotels, schools, supermarkets, factories, libraries. Hotels, residential houses, car showrooms, airports and other places.
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