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11 Precautions of SPC Floor Installation

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11 Precautions of SPC Floor Installation

1: Handle With Care During Transportation And Handling To Avoid Damage To The Floor Lock. Please Lay It Flat On A Flat Ground, Not Upright Or Sideways.  

2: The Ground Is Flat And Clean, And The Height Difference Does Not Exceed Plus Or Minus 1mm. It Is Recommended To Do Ground Leveling Or Self-Leveling First.  

3: When Installing The Floor, Leave 8mm - 10mm Expansion Joints Around.  

4: If The Area Exceeds 300 Square Meters And The Length Or Finish Exceeds 15 Meters, The Floor Should Be Partitioned And Expansion Joints Should Be Added.  

5: 1mm - 1.5mm Floor Film Or Mute Mat Can Be Used Under The Floor, And Materials Such As Floor Mats Cannot Be Used.  

6: During The Installation Process, The Lock Can Be Lightly Buckled In Place. Do Not Use Tools Or Heavy Objects To Hit The Lock To Avoid Over-Tightening Of The Floor And Damage To The Notch.  

7: After The Installation Is Completed, Pay Attention To Protect The Floor And Pay Attention To Daily Maintenance.  

Precautions For Daily Use Of SPC Floor

1: Prevent Sharp Objects From Scratching The Surface Of The Floor, Which Is Easy To Leave Unsightly And Difficult To Remove Scratches.  Affects The Overall Aesthetics Of The Floor.  

2: Avoid Prolonged Direct Sunlight Or Exposure To The Sun, And Prevent The Floor Surface From Being Discolored Or Bulging.  

3: Do Not Place Items With A Temperature Over 60 Degrees Celsius On The Floor For A Long Time.  

4: The Floor Has A Waterproof Function, And It Can Be Cleaned As Long As It Is Mopped With Water.  

5: The Floor Does Not Need To Be Waxed And Maintained.

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