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13 Points to Proof why Is The SPC FlooringSuitable For The Renovation Of Old Houses?

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What Do You Fear Mostly When Laying Solid Wood Floors?

1. Fear Of Moisture: The Main Reason For The Warping Of The Wooden Floor Is That The Wood Is Affected By Moisture. As The Key Areas Of Water Use It Is Common For The Kitchen And Toilet To Have Water On The Ground. Once The Floor Is Soaked, It Is Easy To Have Warping. If You Replace The Whole Floor Is A High Cost

2. Fear Of Collision: The Solid Wood Floor Is Relatively Delicate, And It Will Inevitably Appear All Kinds Of Collision Traces After A Long Time Of Use. In Addition, Its Cost Is Relatively High, So It Is A Lot Of Expense To Replace The Floor. Therefore Solid Wood Flooring Is Relatively More Suitable For Families Who Pursue Quality Of Life And Have Sufficient Budget.

3. Fear Of Formaldehyde: The Composite Floor Is Usually Made Of Glue Which Hides The Risk Of Formaldehyde Volatilization And Is Harmful To Health.

Now SPC Flooring Is Often Used In Home Decoration. What We Choose It To Decorate Is Its Excellent Green Environmental Protection. The Main Component Of SPC FlooringIs Natural Stone Powder, Which Does Not Contain Any Radioactive Elements, Formaldehyde, Benzene And Other Harmful Substances. It Is A Very Green And Environment-Friendly Floor Decoration Material, Which Gives People A New Choice Of Floor Decoration Materials

Features of SPC Flooring

1. Green And Environmental Protection: The Main Raw Material Of SPC FlooringIs Natural Stone Powder, Which Does Not Contain Formaldehyde, Benzene And Other Harmful Substances. It Is A Very Green And Environmental Protection Floor Decoration Material. As Long As We Choose Regular Manufacturers And Reliable Brands, The Quality Of Materials Can Be Assured!

2. Ultra Light And Ultra-Thin: The Common Thickness Of SPC FlooringIs Only 4-7mm, Less Than 10% Of Ordinary Floor Materials. In High-Rise Buildings, It Has Incomparable Advantages In Building Load-Bearing And Space Saving. However, Because Of Its Thin Material, The Foot Feel Is Slightly Inferior. If You Like Barefoot At Home, You Can Match It With Carpet To Improve Comfort.Also It Can Be Installed On The Surface Of The Old Sold Wood Or Tiles Directly.

3. Super Wear-Resistant: There Is A Special Transparent Wear-Resistant Layer Processed By High Technology On The Surface Of SPC FlooringWhich Greatly Reduces The Risk Of Wear. If You Have A Pet, You Can Let Your Little Ancestors Roll And Rub On The Floor.

4. Fire Prevention And Flame Retardancy: The SPC FlooringWith Qualified Quality Will Not Burn Itself, But Also Prevent The Combustion And Spread Of Fire. The Fire Prevention Performance Is Very Excellent. However, If You Are In Direct Contact With An Open Fire, It May Turn Yellow Or Be Burned. Pay Attention To Protection.

5. Waterproof And Moisture-Proof: The SPC FlooringIs Not Afraid Of Water. As Long As It Is Not Soaked For A Long Time, It Will Not Be Damaged, So It Will Not Become Moldy And Warped Due To High Humidity.

6. Thermal Insulation: SPC FlooringHas Good Thermal Conductivity, Uniform Heat Dissipation And Small Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion. It Will Not Be Damaged By Overheating Of Floor Heating. It Is The First Choice Of Floor Heating Thermal Insulation Floor

7. High Cost Performance: There Is No Need To Install Keel When Installing Stone Plastic Floor, Just Flat Alignment And Tiling. The Simple Installation Process Greatly Reduces The Labor Cost And Is Suitable For Families With Limited Decoration Budget

SPC Flooring Suitable for Space and Crowd


1. Living Room: The Living Room Has A Large Area And Spends A Long Time In The Living Room Every Day. Choosing A Cost-Effective SPC Flooring Doesn't Hurt Even If It Covers The Whole Living Room. If There Are Pets Or Naughty Children At Home And They Are Worried That The Floor Will Be Scratched, SPC Flooring Is Also A Very Good Choice.

2. Kitchen: Because The SPC Flooring Is Not Only Waterproof, But Also Has The Advantages Of Flame Retardant, It Is More Suitable To Be Used As A Kitchen Floor! Don't Worry About Sprinkling Water Or Oil Stains During Daily Cooking.

3.Balcony: Every Time I Hang Clothes, I Always Worry About The Dripping Blisters And Rotten Floor. The Super Waterproof SPC FlooringCan Effectively Solve The Problems Of Blistering And Warping, And Create A Comfortable Pastoral Style


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