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20 Keys Points Of How To Maintain Spc Floor

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SPC Flooring Is A New Type Of Modern Floor, Which Is Non-Toxic,Anti-Slip And Noise Reduction. Its Has Significant Advantage Is Durability. Its Can Be Used In Public Areas With Large Traffic Can Reach More Than 20 Years. If It Is Used And Maintained Correctly, It Will Prolong Its Service Life.

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Stone Plastic Floor Has Moisture-Proof Characteristics, So There Is No Need To Worry About The Deformation Of The Floor. However, Many People Ignore The Cleaning And Maintenance Of Waterproof Floors In Use.

1. Maintain Indoor Dry Humidity Spc Flooring Is Treated To Reduce The Change Of Size, But It Will Deform With The Change Of Climate Dry Humidity. In Some Areas In Dry Seasons, Especially When The Heating Is On, The Indoor Temperature Can Be Adjusted By Different Methods, Such As Using Humidifier Or Basin Water On The Heating; In The Yellow Mold Season, Open Windows For Ventilation And Keep The Room Dry.

2. Indoor Exposure To Sunlight Should Be Avoided As Far As Possible. When Heating In Winter, Keep A Certain Distance Between Heating Appliances And Spc Flooring Surface; Prevent Objects With High Temperature From Locally Heating The Floor.

3.Newly Decorated Houses Must Maintain Indoor Air Circulation Or Check In In In Time. They Cannot Be Covered With Plastic Products. They Should Be Covered With Breathable Paper Products As Far As Possible To Maintain A Natural Temperature And Humidity Environment.

4. Avoid Damaging The Floor Surface. Spc Floor Is Painted, So Hard Object Impact, Sharp Tool Scratch, Metal Friction, Etc. Shall Be Avoided To Avoid Damaging The Flooring Paint Film.

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5. In The Process Of Daily Use, Please  Keep The Floor Dry And Clean To Avoid Ponding On The Floor. If You Accidentally Pour Water To The Ground, Please Wipe It Dry In Time

6. When Going Out, Please Close The Doors And Windows To Avoid Damage Caused By Rain Wetting The Ground. If It Is Wet, Wipe The Floor With A Cloth Or Mop.

7. When Cleaning The Floor, Do Not Wash It With Water. Generally, You Can Use A Vacuum Cleaner To Remove Sundries And Dust Or Sweep It With A Clean Broom And Then Use A Wrung Mop To Make It Look New. Avoid Using Cleaning Brushes That May Cause Dirt Residue. Do Not Use Wax Soap Or Polishing Products.

8. Do Not Use Ammonia Products, Bleach And Chemical Reagents. Do Not Use Ammonia Products, Bleach And Chemical Reagents. Do Not Clean The Floor With A Cloth Soaked In Alkaline Water And Soapy Water To Avoid Damaging The Paint Film. The Spc Flooring Is Smooth And Does Not Hide Ash. Wipe It With Clean Water To Restore Cleanliness.

How To Clean And Maintain According To Different Conditions

Cleaning And Maintenance After Floor Laying / Before Use

1. First Remove The Dust And Sundries On The SPC Floor Surface

2. Wash With Clean Water And Suck Dry

Daily Cleaning And Maintenance

1. Push Dust Or Vacuum Cleaner. (Drag The Dust Pulling Agent On The Ground And Push The Dust After Drying.)

2. Wet Mop. (Dilute The Floor Cleaning And Polishing Agent With 1:20 Water, And Mop The Floor With A Semi Wet Mop.) If Necessary, You Can Also Use A Floor Cleaner With Low-Speed Cleaning.

Complete Refurbishment

1. Push Dust Or Vacuum Cleaner.

2. After Diluted With 1:10 Strong Wax Removal Water, Evenly Apply It On The Ground, Wait For 5-10 Minutes, And Then Clean And Remove The Wax At Low Speed With A Floor Cleaner And A Red Grinding Plate. Drain The Sewage With A Water Suction Machine In Time.

3. Wash With Clean Water And Suck Dry Until There Is No Residual Detergent Left On The Ground.

Treatment Of Special Dirt

1. Oil Stain: For Local Oil Stain, Pour The Original Liquid Of Water-Based Degreasing Agent Directly Onto The Towel To Wipe; For A Large Area Of Oil Stain, Dilute The Water-Based Degreasing Agent Of Vitex At 1:10 And Clean It At Low Speed With A Floor Scraper And A Red Grinding Plate

2. Black Offset Printing: Polishing With Spray Cleaning And Maintenance Wax, High-Speed Polishing Machine And White Polishing Pad. For Long-Time Black Offset Printing, You Can Pour The Strong Black Offset Printing Remover Directly Onto The Towel For Wiping

3. Glue Or Chewing Gum: Pour Professional Strong Glue Remover Directly Onto The Towel And Wipe It Off.

After Learning The Above Management Methods Of Spc Flooring, We Will Have A Cleaner Home.


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