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Detailed explanation of AQUA FLOORING

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More and more people begin to pay attention to the property of waterproofing. As a manufacturer serving 60 countries around the world, Karrigi has developed waterproof laminate flooring for short: aqua floor. The following will introduce the characteristics of aqua flooring and related Attributes.

its features:Organic Core Board:

1.100% Organic:PVC free,lastic free,Phthalates free,100% Real Wood Fiber

2.100% Environmentally Friendly:Degradable,Recyclable,Sustainable

3.100% Real Wood Fiber:High thermal insulation power,Excellent noise absorption,Prevent rapid combustion to,slow the spread of fire,Regulate air humanity to,guarantee a healthy and,pleasant indoor climate,Comfortable to walk on

aqua laminate flooringguarantees 100% resistance to water which allows wet mopping and steam mopping if the sealer isn’t damaged. The easy-cleaning technology has enhanced strain and soil protection to ensure easy cleanup for daily incidents.

Four core features make people choose it:

1.scratch protection:aqua flooring is more wear-resistant due to its tough wear-resistant layer, which protects the floor from scratches, such as pet claw marks, table and chair wear, etc. friendly:100% waterproof performance can prevent damage by pet urine, feces, etc., making your home a comfortable environment for pets

3.Warranty:Guaranteed 25 years residential and 5 years commercial warranty for: stain resistance, abrasion resistance, color fastness and surface water protection possibilities:00+hour surface water protection



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