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Hardboard Flooring vs SPC Flooring Which One Is Best For Home Decoration

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Many people like wood flooring, but they are worried about problems such as poor care and waterproof, so they choose SPC flooring instead of wood flooring. What is the difference between SPC flooring and wood flooring?

What is SPC flooring?

SPC flooring is the abbreviation of stone plastic lock composite in English, which means the flooring made of stone powder and plastic mixed together. SPC flooring takes calcium carbonate as the main raw material, melted extruded plastic sheet, four-roll injection molding heat-applied color film decorative design layer and anti-wear layer, SPC flooring does not contain harmful substances of indoor formaldehyde exceeding the standard of heavy metals. It is 100% environmental protection without indoor formaldehyde. It is a real 0-indoor formaldehyde flooring.

After knowing about SPC flooring, you may know the difference between wood flooring and SPC flooring. Below we have sorted out several issues that everyone is concerned about to make a specific distinction.

1、Beautiful appearance

The most important thing of home decoration is good-looking. These two kinds of flooring are all wood textures. In terms of beauty, they need to be selected and matched according to the decoration style, and they can find very suitable styles, so they can be leveled in terms of beautiful appearance.

2、Durable and scratch resistant

The surface of SPC flooring has a special transparent wear-resistant layer processed by high technology, which is super wear-resistant. Even if you wear running shoes with nails, it will not leave scratches on the flooring. Therefore, SPC flooring is becoming more and more popular in hospitals, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, vehicles and other places with large flow of people.


The so-called comfort is the feeling of feet. Compared with SPC flooring pavement material, wood flooring has greater elasticity and moderate friction coefficient, which can effectively relieve the weight load of the feet and eliminate the fatigue of the feet. In addition, the texture of the wood flooring is more moist, warm in winter and cool in summer, it feels more comfortable to step on. At the same time, the fragrant smell emitted by the substrates of many wood flooring contains essential oil, phytoncine, aromatic tincture and other ingredients, which can make the occupants' sense of smell more flexible. SPC flooring is soft in texture, so it has good elasticity. It has good elasticity recovery under the impact of heavy objects.Its comfortable foot feel is called "soft gold of floor material". Even if you fall down, it is not easy to get hurt. Installing SPC flooring at home can protect the elderly and children. There are IXPE and EVA mute pads on the back, which can ensure more comfortable foot feeling after paving.

4、Environmental issues

Wood flooring is inseparable from the existence of formaldehyde from production to installation, so wood flooring is also an important source of indoor formaldehyde emission. The formaldehyde in the board will slowly volatilize the formaldehyde in the material into the air. The wood board is easy to expand and deform after being damp, which causes the board to crack. and the deformation and cracking will inevitably increase the release of formaldehyde.However, SPC flooring is a new type of environmental friendly flooring developed based on high technology. It is made of original ecological stone powder and resin powder by cold pressing. It does not contain formaldehyde from raw materials to pressing, and its health is far better than that of traditional wood flooring. Therefore, the position of SPC flooring in home decoration is irreplaceable!

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5、About the price

Price is an unavoidable problem and must be dealt with head-on. The price of the product is directly related to the brand and quality. Among the wood flooring, the solid wood flooring is relatively expensive, and the composite flooring is the most cost-effective, while the price of SPC floor is a little lower than the real composite flooring, with simple construction and low labor cost. Therefore, SPC flooring is cheaper than wood flooring. If it is to save money, SPC flooring must be first.

6、Applicable area

Wood flooring is more suitable for bedrooms, living rooms and so on. SPC flooring does not have too many restrictions, SPC floor does not have too many restrictions, it can be laid in the whole house, and it is also suitable for areas such as balconies and kitchens that are often wet.

The above content is about the differences between SPC flooring and wood flooring. Compared with traditional laminate flooring and wood flooring, SPC floor has zero formaldehyde, waterproof and flame retardant, super wear-resistant, high strength, thermal insulation and heat storage, and comfortable foot feeling. It is an excellent choice for flooring in the era of green home decoration.


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