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How Many Types of Click System of SPC Flooring

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SPC Flooring: what are the main types of spc click flooring reviews?

There are roughly three types of latches for spc click plank flooring, which are often referred to as Unilin, Valinge and I4F The installation methods are Angeling click and Drop click Because different countries have different installation methods, we need to produce different types of latches according to different markets when producing SPC flooring. For example, the Canadian market likes straight down locks, the Southeast Asian market likes oblique plug-in locks, and the American market can accept all types of locks that are not available.

In fact, it is a kind of floor made of lock technology. Now the types of floors on the market are gradually diversified, and the lock floor is a very popular type of floor.

However, at present, many consumers do not know enough about the lock floor, do not know what it is, and do not know its main types. Then, the following editor will introduce the main types of lock floors to you, and interested friends will take a look!


SPC Flooring

1. The main type of lock floor is the hasp-type spc click lock flooring  is an improvement on the early lock technology. Its tongue and tongue are wider, about 1cm, and the front end of the tongue is flat. , which can be directly inserted into the tongue and groove of another floor, and the inverted tenon that generates the locking force is placed on the tongue and groove of the other floor, which relatively increases the flat pulling force of the floor.

2.The main type of lock floor is the long tongue lock floor can reach 1 ton, and the requirements for the base material are higher. The European unique white fir is used as the raw material, the wood structure is uniform, and the density after processing is high. , strong tensile force and good stability. The main types of lock floors The main types of lock floors

3.The main types of lock floor are the 45-degree angle slanted lock floor are shorter, generally 3mm to 5mm. Due to the inversion of the tongue and groove, so When paving, a certain angle is required for oblique insertion.

4.The main type of lock floor is the three-dimensional inclined groove type spc click flooring is based on the general lock floor, and the slope is added at the groove and mouth, and a V-shaped groove appears at the connection. Make the long sides of the floor less prone to wear and tear.

The difference between the lock floor and the flat floor

The installation method is different. When installing the flat buckle wooden floor, the connection between the two floors needs to be fixed with glue or nails. When installing the flat buckle floor, sufficient shrinkage joints should be reserved on the wall and springs should be installed in the shrinkage joints.

The installation method of the lock floor is relatively simple, and it is directly installed on the leveled ground. The installation process does not require glue, nails, or even keel-free installation.

Prices vary. Generally speaking, for the same type of floor, the price of the floor with the lock technology is higher than that of the flat floor.

Control floor displacement direction is different. The flat buckle can control the horizontal displacement of the floor, and the lock can control the horizontal and vertical displacement of the floor.

Durability varies. The flat buckle floor has been used for a long time, the nails at the interface are easy to loosen, and the interface often warps, causing the floor to be uneven. Due to the effect of locking force, the connection between the lock floors is tighter, and can extend to the surrounding as a whole with the change of temperature, avoiding local bulge, solving the internal deformation problem, and the overall paving effect is good. From the floor technology and pavement effect, there is no doubt that the lock floor is better.

So what types of locks are there in the spc click lock flooring?

Common spc flrooing generally have three types of locks: I4F-Drop click, Unilin-Angle click, Vilinger-Angle click. Different types have different paving methods. Please leave a message for details.


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