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How much is the price of spc flooring per square meter and how to choose high quality spc flooring

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spc flooring is a kind of flooring with high cost performance. Its price is mainly affected by factors such as brand, specification, model, raw material, craftsmanship, etc. It is about tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan per square meter. When purchasing, pay attention to distinguishing between them. The quality of the stone-plastic flooring is good or bad. You can buy high-quality stone-plastic flooring by observing the appearance and texture, understanding the physical and chemical performance indicators, looking at the size deviation, looking at the wear resistance and thickness, and considering the brand factors. Let's take a look at the price of spc flooring together.

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  How much is the price of spc flooring per square meter


spc  flooring is a relatively popular new type of light-weight flooring decoration material. With many characteristics such as green environmental protection, convenient installation and superior performance, it has been favored by consumers. Many places will choose to install stone-plastic flooring, then stone-plastic flooring How much is a square meter?


There is no uniform price for stone-plastic floorings on the market. Different brands, specifications, models, raw materials, crafts, and origins of stone-plastic floorings have different prices. Generally, the price of spc floorings per square meter ranges from 30 to 40 yuan. It ranges from 100 yuan, plus the construction cost will add about 50 yuan per square meter.


  How to choose high quality spc flooring


The development prospect of spc flooringing is relatively broad, and there are many manufacturers producing stone-plastic flooringing on the market, but the quality of the floorings produced is indeed mixed and uneven. If you want to buy high-quality stone-plastic flooringing, you should pay attention to the following aspects :


1、Observing the appearance and texture of the stone-plastic flooring, the high-quality stone-plastic flooring has better flexibility, and there will be no cracks on the surface of any twisting and bending.


2、Carefully read the various indicators of the physical and chemical properties of the product to see if it meets the requirements of the inspection standards, especially the raw materials and production process of the spc flooring products.


3、Look at the size of the spc flooring. When purchasing, you can determine the size of the flooring according to the specific requirements of the decoration. Pay attention to the deviation of the size. If the size deviation is too large, the seams will be uneven, the pattern will be deformed, and the aesthetic effect will be affected.


4、Considering the wear resistance and thickness of the spc flooring, the structure of the spc flooring has a composite type and a homogeneous body. The surface of the composite spc flooring has a wear-resistant layer, which has better wear resistance and is more suitable for many people. Use in places, such as schools and other public places.


5. With reference to the brand factor, many times it is impossible to distinguish the quality of the spc flooring by the naked eye. It is more worry-free to choose brand products, and it is also more secure in terms of construction and after-sales service.


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