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How to distinguish the quality of spc floor

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SPC lock floor is produced in 3 kinds of materials: new material, mixed material and recycled material. At present, the highest quality is produced from new materials, with stable performance and high production costs. How to distinguish, as follows:

1. Look at the color: the bottom of the spc is generally the substrate part of the spc, and the spc substrate is made of polyvinyl chloride resin

(1) The color of high-quality pure material is beige;

(2) If the mixture is used, the colors are mostly gray, cyan, and white;

(3) The color of the recycled material is gray-black or black.

2. Look at the appearance:

(1) The high-quality spc lock floor has a flat surface, no obvious stains, and clear patterns;

(2) The appearance of the spc lock floor of the recycled material and the mixed material is not flat enough, and the flatness and fit after the connection are also not good.

3. Touch feel:

(1) The spc substrate feels delicate and moist.

(2) The hand feeling of the recycled material and the mixed material is dry and not moisturizing.rigid spc flooring factory

4. Light transmittance: The floor is placed horizontally in the air, and the mobile phone flashlight is used to illuminate upwards from the bottom of the floor. The bright floor can be seen from the top of the floor. It is a high-quality spc lock floor with good light transmittance.

5. Break the lock: Find a sample and break the lock part of the floor. The poor quality is very brittle and easy to break. The lock of the high-quality spc lock floor has good flexibility and is not easy to break.

6. Peeling resistance: After breaking the floor, pull it hard to see if the color film layer, wear-resistant layer and UV layer on the surface are not easy to separate from the substrate, and it is the high-quality spc lock floor that is not easy to separate.

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