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Is spc flooring harmful to the body?

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1. Disadvantages of spc flooring

1. The spc flooring cannot be seamlessly spliced like a coil, and the foot feel of this board is not as soft as a coil floor.

2. Although the spc flooring has the characteristics of fire resistance and flame retardant, although the cigarette butts are not hot when thrown on the ground, there will be a trace of yellowing and scalding.

3. Since the spc flooring is a new type of product, the development prospect is still determined according to the domestic market demand. If you choose inferior spc flooring factory, it will have certain harm to the human body.

2. Is the  spc floor toxic?

1. to be more frequent. In fact, this kind of floor is also called floor glue, spc flooring, spc glue floor, spc sports floor, although the names are different, but ultimately they are called spc floor.

2. The use of this product indoors is a green and environmentally friendly plastic floor, which is collectively referred to as spc floor. It can be said that the raw material it uses is non-toxic polyvinyl chloride, which can be said to be a safe and environmentally friendly product. Especially in the medical system, this kind of product is also used.

Third, the advantages of spc floor factories


1. Thermal conductivity

The spc flooring has good thermal conductivity and uniform heat dissipation, which is very suitable for floor heating and heat conduction.

2. Light and thin quality

Generally, the spc flooring is only 2-3mm thick, and the weight per square meter is only 2-3KG. It has a huge advantage in the load-bearing and space saving of the building, and it is very suitable for high-rise buildings and old buildings.

The advantages of spc flooring

3. Waterproof and moisture-proof

The main component of the spc flooring is vinyl resin. This material has no affinity with water and is not afraid of water. As long as it is not soaked for a long time, it will not be replaced.

4. Super wear-resistant

The surface of the spc flooring has a special transparent wear-resistant layer, which is suitable for use in places with high traffic, such as hospitals, schools, office buildings, etc.

5. High elasticity and super impact resistance

The elasticity of the spc flooring is very good, and the excellent spc flooring can minimize the damage to the human body on the ground.

6. Good antibacterial properties

The surface of the spc flooring has undergone special antibacterial treatment, and some have added antibacterial agents, which have the ability to kill many bacteria and inhibit the reproduction of bacteria.

7. No welding seam, easy installation and maintenance

The joints of the spc flooring are very small, and the overall effect and visual effect of the ground are optimized to the greatest extent. The installation and construction of the spc flooring is fast and convenient, and it can be used after 24 hours without cement mortar.

8. Natural, environmentally friendly and renewable

The main raw material of the spc flooring is natural stone powder, which does not contain any radioactive elements. The spc flooring that has passed the inspection has no side effects on the human body and can be recycled, which is beneficial to the protection of the natural environment.


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