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The difference of environmental protection grade of SPC floor

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With the popularity of spc lock floor, everyone has been learning about the advantages of this new type of floor, such as green environmental protection, glue-free and wear-resistant, fireproof and waterproof, and good stability.


When merchants introduce this floor to us, we often hear about E1 grade environmental protection. Everyone understands that it is environmentally friendly, but what does E1 grade mean? Today, Xiaobian will introduce to you the difference between different environmental protection grades of spc flooring.



The environmental protection level is actually the European environmental protection standard. There are three levels, namely Eo, E1 and E2. The E2 level is the lowest standard, and is generally limited to outdoor use; the E1 level is the national standard, and most domestic floors that meet the standard can reach the E1 level; and the Eo level is the international standard, which is a very environmentally friendly top environmental protection standard.



These standards are scientifically and accurately described by the amount of formaldehyde released per liter of air. The specific values are E25.0mg/L, E11.5mg/L, E00.5mg/L.


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