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What is SPC Flooring? 14 Explained Key Points

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  The English name of SPC floor is stone plastic composite, and the Chinese name is stone crystal floor or stone plastic floor. SPC floor mainly uses calcium powder as raw material, which is composed of PUR crystal shield transparent layer, wear-resistant layer, color film layer, SPC polymer substrate layer, and soft and quiet rebound layer. It is a more popular home and commercial area decorative material on the market.


SPC floor is a very safe floor because it does not use solvents or harmful adhesives nor does it use any substances that may release harmful volatile compounds into the air。it is a 100% formaldehyde-free environmentally friendly floor and It is a real 0 formaldehyde floor. in the popular sense, the floor is installed and lived after installation.


SPC floor is a recyclable and environmentally friendly floor which can avoid construction waste environmental protection and recycling is one of the highlights of SPC Flooring.

Since the SPC floor is composed of wear-resistant layer, mineral rock powder and polymer powder, it is naturally not afraid of water and there is no need to worry about the deformation and mildew of the floor at home caused by blisters. The waterproof and mildew-proof effect is very good, so it can be used in the bathroom, kitchen and balcony.

The surface layer of the SPC floor is treated with PUR crystal shield so the thermal insulation performance is good. Even if you step on it with bare feet, it will not be cold very comfortable and the rebound technology layer is added which has good flexibility. Even if it is repeatedly bent 90 It can be used in all degrees and you don't have to worry about falling and hurting. It is very suitable for families with elderly and children.


Features of SPC Flooring

1.The conventional thickness is only 3.2mm 3.5mm 4mm spc Flooring 5mm 6mm SPC Flooring. The ultra-thin design is a bold innovation in the professional industry. The surface is printed with materials to improve the service life of places with large traffic. The surface imitates real wood texture and natural marble texture. In view of the characteristics of raw materials, heat conduction is fast and storage. The heat lasts for a long time, and the weight per square is only about 8-15kg which is 10% of the ordinary floor material which can effectively save the space height and reduce the bearing capacity of the floor.


2.Non-toxic and tasteless, water-resistance, fire-resistance, and anti-slip.SPC lock floor is better than laminate floor in terms of scratch resistance, resource use, and anti-skid performance.

3.There will be no holes and no water seepage on the surface of the SPC floor; there will be no seams after splicing. After being stained, gently wipe with a rag to clean it easily without leaving marks that are difficult to remove. Special care products are required for maintenance.

4.SPC floor is considered as a new generation of floor material which is characterized by: extremely stable, high performance, completely waterproof, high density sales core, indentation resistance; it can be easily installed on different types of ground bases, concrete, Ceramic or existing floor.

5.SPC floor can be attached with a layer of mute pad, which has excellent sound insulation effect.

6.There are locks on the four sides of the SPC floor, glue-free installation, and no need for cement, so it is more environmentally friendly, and the cost of manual paving is much cheaper. When installing, just fit the locks to each other to form a bite. The overall effect of the laid ground is smooth and even beautiful and atmospheric.

7.SPC floor has a wide variety of colors, such as three-dimensional wood grain, carpet grain, stone grain, etc. The grain is realistic and beautiful, and can be customized. At the same time, the company has a wealth of accessories and decorative strips to choose from.


8.The SPC floor has high quality, stable material physical properties, good thermal conductivity, uniform heat dissipation, and will not expand and deform when used for home decoration floor heating.

9.The SPC floor has undergone strict construction and installation and its joints are very small the joints can hardly be seen from a distance. The seamless connection technology maximizes the overall visual effect of the ground.


10.The fire resistance index of SPC floor can reach B1 level. Flame retardant, non-spontaneous combustion, automatically extinguished within 5 seconds after leaving the flame, and will not produce suffocating toxic and harmful gases.

11.The floor surface is treated with special antibacterial and antifouling treatment which can inhibit the vast majority of bacteria. The choice of home decoration materials is very important. Choosing a good spc Flooring for home decoration can bring comfort and convenience to the family and also avoid the invasion of bacteria and harmful gases to improve the health of life.

12.The SPC floor adopts a lock-type design which is easy to install and it has no glue too.


13.SPC Vinyl floor is mainly suitable for all kinds of commercial and residential buildings like office, shopping mall, hotels, schools, supermarkets, factories, libraries. Hotels, residential houses, car showrooms, airports and other places.

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