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What is SPC Flooring? good or not? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

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Covering the surface of the base layer with PVC forms what we call a sheet. Of course, according to their different manufacturing processes, it is divided into homogeneous transparent core sheets, multi-layer composite sheets, homogeneous transparent core sheets and other various stone-plastic floors.

What are the advantages of spc flooring?


If we want to choose spc flooring, we must first understand some advantages of spc flooring. Because no matter which material we choose, we are attracted by its advantages. Compared with traditional tiles or wooden floors, stone-plastic floors have the following five advantages. This is also what everyone needs to understand.

①, high environmental performance. This is mainly for the wood floors in our homes. Because the main raw material of spc flooring is actually natural stone powder. These stone powders are not allowed to contain any radioactive elements, and those containing contaminants are also not allowed to be used. The surface layer is PVC cladding, which also does not release any pollution. spc flooring is a product that has obtained the international green environmental protection certification.

②, good wear resistance. Because whether we choose wood floor or ceramic tile, we must consider its wear resistance. If it is not wear-resistant and the surface is easy to grind, then the effect is very poor. In this regard, the spc flooring has very excellent performance. Because the spc flooring has a specially treated transparent wear-resistant layer, the number of revolutions of the wear-resistant layer, according to the test data, can reach 30,000 revolutions. Like our more traditional laminate flooring, it is only 13,000 rpm, and the better one is 20,000 rpm. The number of revolutions of the surface wear-resistant layer of the graphite stone-plastic floor is very high. Therefore, the wear resistance is very strong, and the service life is also very high. In fact, some public areas are still used more.

③, the surface has the properties of elasticity and impact resistance. Tiles, as everyone knows, have no elasticity on the surface, so they are rigid, and walking on them is not very comfortable. Wooden floor has certain elasticity, but compared with spc flooring, it is not as good as spc flooring. Therefore, the spc flooring is also called the soft gold of the floor. Another point is that the stone-plastic floor is on the ground, even if there is an impact of an object, there will be no problem, that is, its impact resistance is very good.

④, the anti-skid performance is more excellent. Anti-skid performance is actually a very critical factor in our choice of indoor floor covering materials. If the ground material is not slip-resistant, it will be very uncomfortable to use later. Compared with traditional tiles and floors, spc flooring has higher anti-skid performance. Because the wear-resistant layer on the surface of the spc flooring has a special anti-slip function. After encountering water, it will be more wet and astringent, and it is not easy to slip. This feature also determines that the spc flooring is very suitable for use in our bathroom.

⑤, the thickness is thinner. The thickness of the spc flooring is very thin. Like the stone-plastic floor we see now, the thickness may only be 2~3mm. Everyone knows that if it is a floor tile, it must be at least seven or eight millimeters. This results in a very light weight of the stone-plastic floor. For example, per square meter, it is about two to three kilograms, which is about 10% of the conventional ground material. So it is more reasonable to use it in the building.

What are the disadvantages of SPC flooring?

The above gives you a brief introduction to the advantages of spc flooringing. But we buy materials not only to see the advantages, but also to focus on the disadvantages. Because of some shortcomings, it may seriously affect our use. Regarding the shortcomings of stone-plastic flooring, I will summarize it personally, mainly including the following four points, which should be considered when choosing.

①. The basic requirements of the stone-plastic floor for the construction object are very high. If the foundation is not handled well, the effect of our stone-plastic floor is very poor. This also mainly depends on the thickness of the spc flooring is relatively thin. Therefore, the response of the stone-plastic floor to the ground is very high. That is to say, the spc flooring requires the ground to be flat and smooth. For example, many stone-plastic floors need to be self-leveling before laying, and then laying, so this laying method is very difficult to achieve.

②. The surface of the spc flooring is prone to damage. Since the surface of the stone-plastic floor is a layer of PVC, although it has a certain flame retardant effect, it is not completely non-combustible. So it is very likely to be burnt. In addition, when it is rubbed by some hard objects, it may cause scratches, damages, etc. on the surface. Compared with tiles, this is indeed a very big disadvantage.

③, product quality is uneven. This is mainly to say that if we buy a stone-plastic floor of substandard quality, it may contain substances that are harmful to the human body. If the harmful substances exceed the standard, the harm is very serious. So this also provides very high requirements for the spc flooring we choose. Therefore, many friends choose imported brands when they choose spc flooringing. This makes its price very high.

④. Another problem of spc flooring is the problem of surface texture. Like the surface of many stone-plastic floors, like ravines, they are very dense, which results in a lot of ravines on the surface. This kind of excessive gully is prone to a problem, that is, it is not convenient for us to clean the dust. Especially in some humid places, if dust accumulates, it will come out and look very dirty. Another point is the quality of the stone-plastic floor, which may also cause warping and unevenness. In fact, this is also a problem of the quality of spc flooring products.spc flooring factory


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