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What kind of flooring is best for the living room?

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People can find many materials when purchasing the floor for the living room but they don't know how to choose. People pay attention to this problem how to choose good materials for Living room floor. At the same time, many people want to know how to choose the wood floor in the living room.

What kind of flooring is the best choice for living room?

  1. The solid wood floor is made of plates of different tree species, which retains the natural texture and comfortable feeling of the solid wood floor. Good wear resistance, easy to clean, don't spend too much energy on maintenance. However, if the blister is damaged, it cannot be repaired.


  2. Bamboo flooring is a new type of building decoration material,which is made of natural bamboo through complex processes. Bamboo floor has natural bamboo texture, fresh and elegant, environmental protection, no pollution, warm in winter and cool in summer, and its service life can reach 20 years. One disadvantage of bamboo flooring is that it will deform with the change of indoor humidity

  3. The laminate floor is composed of wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, high-density base material layer and moisture-proof layer. It has wide application range, good anti-skid performance, wear resistance, easy maintenance, and convenient laying. But the foot feel is not as good as the solid wood floor, and there will be some formaldehyde problems.

  4. SPC Flooring is a new type of building decoration material, which is made of natural stone powder through complex processes. SPC not only has the texture of natural marble, but also has special patterns and functions. It is soft, light, firm, anti-skid, fireproof and flame retardant and simple installation. It is a kind of environmental protection decoration material in line with the trend with high quality and low price.


Why is the SPC suitable for the living room?

1. Decoration style and age

Different ages are suitable for different decoration styles, and due to the differences in texture, color and texture of wood flooring, consumers need to choose according to their actual requirements. For a family of three and a young family with a baby, children often play with toys and run back and forth in the living room, which requires a floor with high wear resistance and good skid resistance. SPC is a good choice.

2. Environmental protection

No matter what building materials are selected, environmental protection will be taken into account. The environmental protection of solid wood floor is, and the environmental protection of new bamboo floor is also very good, but the price is expensive and difficult to maintain. SPC Flooring has good thermal insulation performance, simple installation, environmental protection and durability.

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3. Heating

There are still great differences in decoration between the South and the north. In the north, there are four months of heating period in a year, involving geothermal system. If the home decoration is paved with geothermal, we should choose the SPC with good heat resistance and deformation free from the influence of temperature and humidity.

4. Maintenance

SPC does not need waxing, and the effect of maintenance can be achieved by mopping the floor with clean water.

Bamboo floor has very high requirements for indoor dry humidity. During the heating period in northern winter, it is necessary to appropriately increase the indoor humidity; In the rainy season in the south, open more windows for ventilation, keep the room dry, avoid the impact of hard objects, and wax regularly.

What floor is suitable for the living room? When purchasing, you should know that no matter what kind of floor has its own characteristics. When purchasing, it is more important to go to a specialty store. In this way, the cost performance can be guaranteed after purchasing brand products. How to choose the wood floor in the living room? There are many kinds of wood floor materials. People should know more, so that they can get a better choice.


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