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What material is spc flooring? The production process of spc flooring

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spc flooring is what we often call stone plastic flooring, spc is the acronym for stone plastic composite material in English, it is a flooring made of calcium powder as raw material, plasticized extruded sheet, and mixed in a certain proportion. The production process of spc flooring is not complicated. Calculate the proportion of raw materials and put them into a mixer for hot mixing and cold mixing. After mixing evenly, the finished spc flooring can be obtained after extrusion, UV tempering, slitting and grooving. .

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Let's take a look at what material spc flooring is.


is spc flooring? With the development of the flooring industry, there are more and more types of floorings. spc flooring is a new type of flooring. Maybe some friends have heard of it, but they don't know what kind of flooring it is, then spc flooring is a new type of flooring. What is the flooring?


The full name of spc flooring is stone-plastic composite flooring, which is often referred to as stone-plastic flooring. The spc flooring is mainly made of calcium powder as raw material, which is made of plasticized extruded sheets and mixed in a certain proportion. It consists of SPC polymer substrate layer, PUR crystal shield transparent layer, wear-resistant layer, color film decoration layer, soft Silent bounce layer composition.


二、Production process of spc flooring


The following is a brief introduction to the production process steps of spc:


1. Mixing

Automatically measure raw materials such as calcium powder and polyvinyl chloride materials according to the raw material ratio, and put them into a high-speed mixer for hot mixing at a temperature of 125 ° C to mix all kinds of materials evenly and remove the moisture in the materials; In the mixing step, the temperature of the material is cooled to prevent agglomeration and discoloration, and the cold mixing temperature is 55 °C.




The materials that have been uniformly mixed by cooling are added to a twin-screw extruder, heated and extruded, and then entered into a sheet die for extrusion. Stick wear-resistant layer, cooling, cutting treatment.


3、UV tempering


The surface UV technology is used for tempering treatment, and the tempering hot water temperature is 80-120 , and the cold water temperature is 10 .


4. Slitting and slotting

The processed spc flooring is cut, slotted, trimmed, and chamfered. After passing the inspection, it can be packaged and put into the market.


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