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Why is it not recommended to use 4MM spc flooring

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Mila Home Furnishing is a professional manufacturer ofspc flooring. Today, I will explain in detail why it is not recommended to choose SPCspc lock floor with a thickness of 4MM.

Now more and more people will choose to buy SPCspc lock floor, and I will not explain the benefits of SPC in detail here. Friends who want to know can read our other articles. Many bloggers and Internet celebrities will recommend 3.5MM to everyone. , 4MM thickness SPC floor.

Floors of this thickness are prone to breakage, deformation, and even potential safety hazards, which will ultimately not only cause financial losses, but also endanger health and safety.


So why not recommend 3.5MM and 4MM thickness of spc flooring?

1. For floors with a thickness of 4mm, the domestic wear-resistant thickness of 4MM is basically: 0.1-0.3, and most of them are 0.1, which causes the phenomenon that the service life is not long.

2. For floors with a thickness of 4MM, the lock part is relatively fragile compared to the thickness of 5MM and above, and the lock is prone to breakage.

3,The ground level of domestic commercial buildings is poor, and there is a certain height difference. Such a thin floor will be arched and deformed, and the tiles will change. A little carelessness may cause foot injury.

So what thickness should you choose for home use? It is generally recommended that the higher the thickness, the better.

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