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spc flooring? What should I do if the spc flooring arches

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spc flooring? What should I do if the spc flooring arches

What is the reason for the arching of the stone-plastic flooring, the reason for the arching of the spc flooring , how to deal with the arching of the stone-plastic flooring? It will also affect the service life of the flooring.

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spc flooring are that there are too few expansion joints reserved, the room is fully paved, the expansion joints are dead, the ground is not cleaned, and the base layer under the flooring is arched. Generally, the expansion joints can be re-reserved by lifting the skirting board. Reinstall, Reinstall all methods to solve. Let's take a look at the reasons for the arching of the spc flooring.


一、What is the reason for the arching of the spc flooring


spc flooring can be divided into two types according to the shape, among which the spc flooring is the stone-plastic flooring we often say. Foot feeling, then what is the reason for the arching of the spc flooring?


1、Excessive expansion joints


spc flooring is mainly spc , and the general property of spc material is thermal expansion and cold contraction. If the expansion joint is too small, it is easy to stretch and arch.


2、room pass


When laying the spc flooring, if it is more than two rooms, there is no pressurized edge at the door. In the case of high humidity, the expansion and contraction directions of the two rooms are inconsistent, which will cause the stone-plastic flooring at the door to pull each other. form an arch.


3、Expansion joint is dead


In the process of installing the skirting, if the expansion joint is blocked by the skirting, so that the spc flooring cannot be stretched, then the phenomenon of arching will also occur.


4、The ground is not cleaned


installing the spc flooring, the ground should be cleaned first. If the construction is carried out directly without cleaning, the spc flooring may be arched due to foreign matter residues.


5、Arching of the base under the flooring


Before installing the spc flooring, if the original ground already has a solid wood flooring, after the flooring is installed, the original flooring may be arched due to moisture, resulting in the spc flooring also being arched


二、How to do the arching of the spc flooring


If the stone-plastic flooring is not installed properly, it will cause arching, which will not only affect the daily use and beauty, but also greatly reduce the service life and need to be dealt with in time. So how to deal with the arching of the spc vinyl flooring?


1、If it is caused by too few expansion joints, you can lift the skirting board, clean out the plaster, putty, etc., and reserve a larger expansion joint.


2、If it is caused by the whole room, you need to remove the stone-plastic flooring near the connection of the room and re-pave it. When paving, pay attention to adding buckles at the connection between the room and the room.


3. If the arching of the stone-plastic flooring is serious, it may be necessary to open the flooring and re-pave it.


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