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spcflooring paving methods and precautions

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one. Formal paving


Environmental confirmation:


Confirm that the ground is flat and there is no cross-construction of other interior decoration projects; the width direction of the continuous paving shall not exceed 6 meters and the length direction shall not exceed 8 meters. The excess part should be partitioned and explained and confirmed to the customer.



Confirm the installation method:


369 paving method / centering paving method, also known as "I-shaped paving method" / random paving method.




Confirm the installation direction:


After negotiating with the customer, determine the paving direction of the floor. It is recommended to lay the floor in the direction of the light, that is, the paving direction is perpendicular to the window. The advantage of this is that the floor extends forward with the direction of sunlight, enhancing the depth of the space and making it more open visually.



2. Flooring


Formal steps for floor installation:


Lay moisture-proof film (mulch film): first lay a mulch film of more than 2.0mm, do not overlap the film and the film, seal the interface with waterproof adhesive tape, and leave a 5 cm margin around the wall; if it is a solid wood skirting, The edge of the wall needs to be raised more than 50mm (preferably the same height as the skirting line).





If it is used for geothermal ground, the first floor and large shopping malls, a 0.6 mm thick film (greenhouse film) should be added under the plastic film, and the joints of each two films should be overlapped by 200 mm, and sealed tightly with adhesive strips. Also leave a margin of about 2 cm around it and fold it against the wall.

Formal laying:


1) Pre-laying: Unpack the floor before installation, place it according to different textures, and try the laying effect. (Select the floor with chaotic floor texture or large color difference, and lay it at the bottom of the bed or in an inconspicuous part);


2) Try to install the first row of floors from the door side of the room. In order to prevent the natural expansion of the floor, a 4-10mm expansion joint should be reserved between the wall and the floor, and the side with the tongue should face outwards. Add special pads (after paving, they should be taken out).






3) The method of installing the floor: "long first, then short, press first and then push": firstly press the male groove completely into the female groove, and insert the long side of the floor at an angle of 45 degrees from the outside to the inside; then press the short side male groove completely. Insert it into the female slot, and push it inward by oblique insertion in the same way. Continue to use the above method to install other floors along the first floor......




4) Pay attention to the installation process, when installing the last piece of the first row, you need to take the floor to measure the remaining part, and the floor needs to be measured in reverse. Special-shaped processing such as room door frames must be carefully and carefully marked before cutting.




5) When installing the second row of floors, insert the tenon on the short side into the groove on the previous row, and gently insert the tenon on the long side into the corresponding groove on the floor.



6) When there is a gap, a rubber hammer can be used to assist the paving.



7) On average, every four rows are laid to check the installation situation to ensure that the installation is normal;


8) When installing the last row of edging, whether to use the material head for splicing or use the whole board to cut and join, the user's opinion should be consulted, and the advantages and disadvantages of the two methods should be explained; A sense of suspension, no abnormal sound when stepped on.


9) After the floor is installed and there is no abnormality, take out the special pads at the reserved expansion joints.



10) Install skirting line: The skirting line should press the margin of the plastic film around and cut off the excess plastic film with a blade. When installing the skirting line, the angle of Yin and Yang must be made without falling off. The gap between the skirting board and the door frame is less than or equal to 2.0 mm. , The gap between the joints of the skirting board is less than or equal to 1.0 mm, and the height difference of the skirting board interface is less than or equal to 1.0 mm; when installing the solid wood skirting board, the drilling height on the wall should be the same (500 mm distance apart), and the pipeline in the wall and the nails of the skirting line should not be damaged. Eyes must be filled with putty of the same color to make them beautiful and smooth.


11) Install the buckle: First, confirm the installation position of the buckle and measure the size of the buckle. The installation requirements of the buckle strip are perpendicular to the door cover, the screws are tightened, the buckle strip is stable and there is no sound, and the bonding is firm and beautiful.





3. Clearance


1) The remaining loose boards must be packed and bundled to prevent scratches;


2) Arrange the paving tools, restore the position of the items, clear the construction waste, and do not put the construction waste in the customer's room, door, etc.;


3) Consumers are requested to sign and accept the floor construction quality, fill in the Floor Acceptance Form and Quality Tracking Form, and explain the floor maintenance knowledge and precautions to customers.



Note: In addition to the above requirements, the floor heating floor (electric heating or water heating) should also meet the following requirements:


1) When the floor is installed, the moisture content of the floor should not exceed 10%; before laying the floor, it should be verified whether the heating system is operating normally, and all remaining moisture should be evaporated;


2) Three to four days before floor installation, the heating system should be lowered to a suitable installation temperature (about 18±3 degrees Celsius in the room); standard functional components must be used for geothermal heating, and the temperature of the heating system reaching the concrete floor should not exceed 55 °C. Celsius;


3) On the ground with geothermal heating system, it is strictly forbidden to chisel, nail, drill, etc. on the ground; when installing the geothermal floor, the surface temperature should be kept at about 18. Before installation, the cement floor should be gradually heated up by 5°C every day until it reaches the standard of about 18°C. This temperature should be maintained for the first 3 days after installation, after which the temperature can be increased as needed, and only 5°C per day.



When using geothermal heating for the first time, pay attention to heating up slowly. When using it for the first time, the temperature should be gradually increased in the first three days: the water temperature is 18°C on the first day, 25°C on the second day, 30°C on the third day, and can be raised to normal temperature on the fourth day, that is, the water temperature is 45°C, and the surface temperature is 28°C. ℃~30. Don't heat up too fast, too fast, the floor may crack and twist due to expansion.


When the geothermal heating system is activated again after a long period of time, it is also necessary to strictly follow the heating program as it was used for the first time.


After completing the preparations before paving and the formal paving


You can start paving and acceptance!



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4. Pavement acceptance


1. Acceptance requirements


The door and door cover are cut straight and smooth, and the door can be opened freely;


The fixing of the buckle should be firm, the nut should not be higher than the surface of the buckle, and the length and position should be appropriate;


There are no glue marks, stains, corners, cracks, scratches and other appearance quality problems on the floor surface;


The spc flooring expansion joint has no sawtooth, and the distance from the wall is 8-12mm;


The flatness of the floor surface is controlled at 2 meters, and the measurement by a ruler is less than 3mm;


The contact surface of the skirting board is flat, the corners are straight, and the nail holes are repaired;


The height of the floor surface joint is not more than 0.15mm, and the gap is not more than 0.2mm;


The spc flooring should be laid firmly, not loose, and there is no abnormal sound when stepped on;


Take out the special spacer at the reserved seam.



2. Use & Maintenance spc flooring factory


When the indoor humidity is less than or equal to 40%, humidification measures should be taken, and when the indoor humidity is greater than or equal to 80%, it should be ventilated and dehumidified;


Overweight items should be placed smoothly, and neither furniture nor heavy items should be pushed or dragged hard, so as not to scratch the surface of the wear-resistant layer;


Do not expose to strong sunlight for a long time, and draw the curtains when the sunlight is strong;


Do not soak the floor with water. If there is an accident, you should use a dry mop to dry the floor in time;


Keep the floor dry and clean. If there is any dirt on the floor surface, generally dry it with a damp cloth that does not drip;


Prevent the floor from being deformed by the cooking utensils;


A floor mat should be placed in front of the door to reduce the wear and tear of sand on the floor;


Use floor-specific cleaners to remove spots and stains; do not clean with damaging items, such as metal tools, nylon abrasive pads, and bleaching powder;


If you do not stay for a long time, you must open windows regularly for ventilation;


It is recommended to put a floor mat at the door to prevent a large amount of sand and gravel from directly entering the room, which may cause abnormal wear of the floor surface.


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